Dammuso Querce

The dammuso Querce takes its name from the trees which is shaded. It 'a very refined and intimate studio for a couple, but also has a large loft that can sleep two people. With a wide view of the sea offers beautiful sunsets ... Book Now

Dammuso Palma

The dammuso Palma is small but delicious, contains everything that can make your holiday unforgettable. Suitable for a couple, but there is a loft that wanting can give hospitality to children. It has a large pergola with sea views and sunsets. Book Now

Dammuso Tigre

The dammuso Tiger takes its name from a fresco in the bedroom. As a whole is a very dammuso "artistic." It has an open sea view and sunsets. It can comfortably accommodate 2 to 4 people.
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The Rainbow apartment is the most spacious of the structure and also the most colorful, in fact named after the variety of colors of its floors, walls and furniture. It has 5 beds places, but the large kitchen and outdoor tables can accommodate many people. Book Now